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NotionChefs Goal Tracker

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Setting goals is easy.Keep tracking of them - not so much.

Make use of this social media goal tracker to set your goals for the year, to track your performance, and see how close you’re to achieving them.

Start holding yourself accountable for achieving your goals,

and become a part of the 1% successful creators in the world.

Features Of Social Media Goal tracker by NotionChefs:

1) Set yearly goals for all popular social media platforms.

2) Seamless way to update your stats every month.

3) Intuitive dashboard to see how close you’re to achieving your goals.

You'll Love this if You Are:

🎥 YouTuber

🤳 Instagram Influencer

#️⃣ Twitter creator

👨🏽‍💻 Digital Marketer

What’s Inside:

✅ Social Media Goal tracker template

✅ Instructions to setup it

✅ Subscription to NotionWrapped Weekly

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NotionChefs Goal Tracker

9 ratings