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Social media marketers and our love for tools/apps never gets old, does it?

We love finding new tools constantly & trying to use them to get work done.

However, this obsession for tools, comes at a cost! (literally)

Managing a ton of tool subscriptions & payments gets too complicated too soon. And before you know it,

You’re spending 100’s of dollars a month on different social media tools,

Each with different prices & different renewal dates.

So unless you can spend hours to manually keep track of them - you will end up spending on tools you’re no longer using, miss payments on tools you love using & becomes a complete mess.

That’s why we made the social media tools tracker.

Features of social media tools tracker:

1) Dashboard to automatically track upcoming subscription payments coming up.

2) Spends tracker to see how much you’ve spent
on tools so far.

3) View all the tools you’re using currently & wishlist ones you want to purchase.

4) Get a breakdown of tools you use, platform-wise.

You’ll love this if you are:

• Social media marketer

• Entrepreneur

• Marketing Agency

• Freelancer

What’s included in this:

✅ The social media tool tracker template
✅ Instructions to setup it
✅ Subscription to NotionWrapped, Premium Weekly newsletter for Notion

Get your copy of social media tool tracker & stay on top of all your tool subscriptions.

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Social Media Tools Tracker

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